Biography: Mark Chavez

At the Lumiere Awards ceremony Warner Studios Burbank 2017 with partner Ina Conradi

I'm an artist from the American Southwest, eg. El Paso TX, Yuma AZ, currently living in LA. I'm Chicano though I like to use the term Nican Tlaca in that I'm mostly of Mexican native origin. Since 2005 I’ve been based in Singapore. There, I set up an animation program in an new art school at a big tech research university, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. Though I'm no longer a professor at the university, I have ongoing research there. I'm currently splitting my time between Singapore and Los Angeles.

I've worked at various studios in LA including Dreamworks Feature Animation and Rhythm and Hues Studios back when it was at Playa Vista; in projection media at a company called Lasermedia Inc (where I projected my MFA thesis animation called Omeyotl on the side of the federal building in Westwood during the 1984 Olympics); early game development at Philips Interactive; as a lead motion graphics artist for TV in Japan at Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Vision, as a lead artist in feature animated films and big budget visual effects feature films.

A collection of various projects from over the years including an image of my laser film Omeyotl, projected on the side of the Federal Bldg in Westwood, CA.; industry work, 17 feature films; Here's a link to my short film [Vengeance+Vengeance]. I used the Unreal Engine to render it. This is an academic article on "the making of". This is a my short film The Adventures of Barty and the Pirate with an accompanying mobile game.
My Tumblr account, also viewable off my business website Giant Monster as is my Instagram. My academic site and Google Scholar site. I used to make talking avatars hooked up with AI. This link is my current project: Media Art Nexus. It's more of a fine art animation project.

Our most recent collaboration was honored at the Advanced Imaging Society's Lumiere Awards ceremony at Warner Bros Studios Burbank. It's a great award to have received and good company to be in. We're credited as "NTU Singapore." Here's direct link to the short movie, Chrysalis. It was featured in S3D on the NVidia 3D Vision Live channel, as Winner of the Best 3D at 8th Annual New Media Film Festival. It’s an older site and you may need a special NVidia S3D rig to view it.

I'm currently working on a public art installation called Media Art Nexus NTU, Singapore. It’s a large 15 x 2 meter LED wall with motion sensors and depth cameras. I use Derivative Touch Designer to program and animate mostly non-objective abstract designs. These are audio reactive works. I am working with academics from the School of Art, Design and Media, the School of Computer Science and Engineering at NTU and academic teams in the Psychology area of the School of Social Sciences at NTU on one facet of this project.